Offline Survey

You have the one-of-a-kind chance to win a $ 100 gift voucher from DGCustomerFirst by merely completing an online survey. You must have recently made a purchase at a Dollar General store in order to participate in this poll. This survey was initially started by DGCustomerFirst in order to get insightful input from its cherished clients and tailor its services accordingly.


You can help Dollar General improve its goods and services and guarantee that you’ll get the finest service possible on your subsequent trips there by taking the Dollar General Satisfaction Survey. On the official website,, you may find the DGCustomerFirst Survey. You can enter to win a $100 gift card to use on your subsequent $100 purchase by completing the survey on the official website.

You now have the opportunity to participate in the DGCustomerFirst competition and win a $100 gift card by just sharing your honest opinions about your shopping experience and the value, accessibility, and cost of the goods and services you recommend.

Please follow these instructions if you want to separate this survey.


Customers can send their thoughts and opinions to Dollar General’s corporate address via the offline survey technique offered by DGCustomerFirst.

Provide your information and send them your email address.

Nothing is more significant than customer satisfaction, according to DGCustomerFirst. It scarcely takes any time to formally satisfy customers. Therefore, if you only invest a few minutes, you will likely make $100, which is reasonable, isn’t it?

On the official platform, the company has established the status of every customer and urged all of its esteemed clients to submit only their true and honest reviews. Any consumer who wants to take part in the survey can do so with ease.