The Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey is an excellent way for the company to get feedback. If you agree to their privacy policy and want a chance to win the rewards, you can enter through any of the methods listed. Don’t forget to follow the guidelines and double-check your own eligibility.


What If I Win DGCustomerFirst?

The regulations of the contest state that winners will be contacted by phone or email and must give their addresses within three days of being notified. Within the following 6 to 8 weeks, your gift voucher should arrive at the address you supplied. Rewards from surveys are never transferable.

The American restaurant and retail chain Dollar General is well-known. The primary goal of the company is to have fun while offering common items for less than a $1. Because of the high caliber of the services and goods it provides at its facilities, the company has established a solid reputation.


  • You reside in either the District of Columbia or the United States. To take the survey, a person must be at least 18 years old.
  • Family members of Dollar General workers and support staff are not permitted to participate in this poll.
  • Participants in the poll must not be members of the Dollar General family.
  • The participant has the option of responding to the questionnaire in either English or Spanish. Therefore, in order to complete the survey form, you must be familiar with one of these two languages.